Social Aid Legislation and Implementation in Albania



In a world where the economic crisis is affecting all life spheres, social welfare
has become an important asset in government policy. Social welfare is directly
related with the guarantee of a minimal income for the families, meeting certain
social contingencies (sickness, old age or unemployment) and social services
available for all the citizens (Briggs, 2006: 16). This paper aims to analyse how
the government in Albania is trying to reduce the social gaps on bases of these
three elements.
Firstly this paper will present a clear legislative picture of the social aid programs
in Albania. The legislation is organised on basis of the European Union standards.
In general the Albanian social program covers the social assistance for disabled
people, old people, poor families, women and orphans. However, it may be said
that the current legislation (based on the program followed during 2009-2013)
is quite sophisticated.
On the other hand, the reality seems to be quite disappointing. Every day in the
news there are disabled people claiming that they were denied their benefits,
women being violated or even killed, orphanages with poor conditions, etc. The
reasons for this situation may be various, such as the political system, political
culture and weak roots of democracy. For the purpose of this paper, only the
political system will be analysed, assuming it has the largest impact and is the
main cause of the contradictions between the legislation and practice.
The paper will suggest possible solutions regarding the shortcomings of the
legislative reforms and their implementations.

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