An Evaluation of the EUs Involvement in State-Building. The Case of the Palestinian Territory.



This paper evaluates the European Unions role in the state-building process in
Palestinian Territory. It assesses the effectiveness of the projects and missions
that the EU has undertaken therein after the Oslo Accords of 1993, in an attempt
to create an independent Palestinian state, coexisting alongside Israel in peace.
Despite having delivered large amounts of financial aid and assistance towards
state-building in the Palestinian Territory and conflict resolution, the EU has
to date failed to adequately resolve the long-lasting Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Therefore, this paper assesses the effectiveness of the EU funded initiatives,
projects and deployed missions in the Palestinian Territory since 1993. It
discusses the reasons why they have been unsuccessful in putting an end to the
Israeli-Palestinian conflict and it provides recommendations on what should
change in the future state-building process in Palestine. This research emphasises
the need to achieve security first and foremost in the Palestinian Territory as
a precondition to the creation of an independent Palestinian state; therefore
equalising the achievement of security with the establishment of a capable
Palestinian state. The quicker security and the rule of law are established, the
quicker the Palestinian independent state will be formed.

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