Islam in Switzerland

Derand Krasniqi


The terrorist attack of 11 September 2001 brought a series of changes in the
overall perception of Muslim society worldwide.
In many Europeans countries, xenophobia isnt a new phenomenon. This study
is focused on the Muslim society living in Switzerland.
Since 2004 different political initiatives took place in Switzerland, negatively
impacting the Muslim communities living in country. Far right political parties
consider the Muslim community living in Switzerland as a threat to their identity,
culture and western values.
This research will shed light in the misunderstanding and lack of communication
between the autochthony and immigrant communities of Switzerland.
Problems arising from the political thesis of the far right populist parties have
the tendency to create barriers of dialogue and a wrong perception of the migratory
communities in general and Muslim society in particular. These political
thesis and initiatives fuel negative phenomenon like xenophobia, prejudices
and Islamophobia.

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