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Journal of European Social Research (JESR) is a high quality open access peer reviewed research journal that is published by Centre for European Studies (CES), Epoka University, Albania. Journal of European Social Research provides a platform for the researchers, academicians, professional, practitioners and students to impart and share knowledge in the form of high quality empirical and theoretical research papers, case studies, literature reviews and book reviews. Journal of European Social Research welcomes and acknowledges high quality theoretical and empirical original research papers, case studies, review papers, literature reviews, book reviews, conceptual framework, analytical and simulation models, technical note from researchers, academicians, professional, practitioners and students from all over the world.

The Journal Publishes in both print and online version. Journal of European Social Research publishes research paper in the field of:

Political Science: Local Governance; Governments; State building; Political Stability; Political Culture; Political Parties and Systems; Law and Order; Corruption and Governance; Elections and Voting; Political Violence; Leadership and Governance; Democratic Transition Process and EU integration; Democratic Norms and Values; NGOs and their Roles; Human Trafficking and Organized Crime; Institutions and Bureaucracy; Freedom of Speech and Media; Social Media, Communication, Youth and Politics; Civic/political Participation; Identity and Citizenship; Political Participation, Representation and Manipulation.

International Relations: Regional Integration; Regional and Domestic Security; Nationalism in the Region; Relations between Balkan Countries and EU; Role of History in the Balkan Region; Conflict Resolution; Cooperation and Peace building; Neighborhood Relations and Politics; Refugees; Visa Liberation – Schengen ; Globalization and EU integration; Cultural, Political, Religious, Ethnic, Transnational Networks; Migration and Integration Policy, Challenges and Management.

Conflicts and Crises: Kosovo conflict, Macedonian conflict, Bosnian Conflict and EU integration; Community Building and Civil Society; Nation building and Democracy.

Economics: Transition to capitalism; Economics development and Investments; Trade and Finance; Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Business Administration and Management; Foreign Investments; International Trade; International Political Economy; Employment; Economics Crisis and Recovery; Tourism and Resources Management; Infrastructure and Communication; Business Management, Resource Management; Marketing; Marketing Research and Strategy; Economy and Business Economics; Financing and Accounting; Public Economics and Finance; Second and Third Generations Entrepreneurship; Immigrant Businesses; Labor Market Participation and Experiences, Banking integration, Financial Services.

Sociology: Political Sociology; Social Politics; Social Responsibility; Culture related issues; Integration of the Society; Religion related issues; Sustainable Development; Education; Social Psychology; Ethnic Identity and Politics.

Other Related Topics: Environmental Issues; Energy Politics; Technology and Development; Police and Crime; Urbanization and Urban Studies; Discrimination, Xenophobia; Households and Families; Research Methodologies.

Other topics that the authors think fit within the scope of this journal are welcomed.

Date of Publishing: JESR is inviting papers for Vol. 1 No. 2 which is scheduled to be published on July, 2015.

Acceptance Notification: within 15 days from the date of manuscript submission.

Submission deadline: 31 April 2015

Send your manuscript to the editor at:

With Warm Regards,
Chief Editor
Dr. Bekir Cinar
Journal of European Social Research
Contact: jesr@epoka.edu.al